Family Devotions
Family Devotions
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Reasons why Family Devotions are Encouraged


Currently, more than a few families rarely have time for each other as most of the times; parents are engaged in their official duties, and in the same way, the children have class work that they need to attend. For this motive, some rarely even have dinner or breakfast together something that should not happen.


As a Christian family, there is a long list of things that you can do to keep your family together and in the same way get to demonstrate love for Christ. One of the commendable approaches is through having family devotions. Such entails setting aside time either during the main meals such as breakfast or even supper.


Currently, there exist more than a few kinds of literature advising Christians on how crucial it is for them to have family devotions such as the family devotionals by David Servant at When you have a family devotion, the list below contains some benefits that tag along. To elucidate further, here is why your family ought to have family devotions.


Binding relationship with God. There exist a long list of elements that one can mention and they contribute a lot to the development and growth of a relationship with Christ. One of the ideal approaches is through having family devotions at In such undertakings, you get to learn what is expected of a Christian and live according to that. When such happens, you and your children's relationship with God is built to higher levels.


Bringing a family together. Currently as mentioned, a lot of engagements and duties are some of the elements that make families not to have quality time together. As a Christian family, such should not happen, and as a result, you need to ensure that have family devotions. Reading a devotional book may take less of your time but have a massive impact on bringing your family together.  Learn more about devotion at


Instilling Christian values in a family. With most of the Christian literature written by authors, such David Servant has guiding principles on how one ought to have. The advantage of having family devotions is that you get to share such values with your family members and as a result, your family is better equipped with Christian values.


Teaching children about God's ways. Getting to instill knowledge about Christ and Christian values to your children comes with a promise of the fact that they will grow with the morals. When children grow with such, there is a promise of the fact that they will grow to be adults who fear and love Christ.