Family Devotions
Family Devotions

What Makes family Devotions Effective


Family devotions are the pivot of spiritual growth in any given family. It is built in the unison of a family. It is therefore important that the family comes up with a definite time that then brings all the members together for the devotion. This could either be in the evening or in the morning. It all depends with what is convenient for the family. For as long as the time derives absolute joy and strength based on the fact that it excludes almost none, and promotes oneness, then it is considered the most appropriate time for devotion. We look at the facets that build a relatively effective devotion session for the family.


It is important to read from the Bible. It is a book that is filled with God's words and teachings that seek to draw the family closer to Him. The words from this book provide spiritual insight and give us the opportunity to be led down the path of salvation and glory. God communicates to us through this book. Ensure that you have Bible reading plans. This program should be adhered to in totality, alongside devotional guides. The family members can be allowed to read the designated portion well in advance. It is important that the verses can be read again in togetherness during the devotion time. Click here to see page!


One other pillar is discussion from the teachings of the word. This primarily follows the daily reading. Often, it is recommended that the teachings be concise based on what has been read. As this goes on, make sure that leadership and participation be at equilibrium. Let the whole family be encouraged to participate in the discussion. Be sensitive to the various needs of the family as you progress with this chapter. This session is one that allows the family to grow together in the Lord based on the teachings. Check out this website at and know more about devotion.


The last pillar is prayer. This is one important phase that allows the family to communicate with God. It spurs confidence in addressing our problems to Him. This time should include a session of praise and worship. Singing uplifts hearts and appreciates the greatness of God. Recognize that you are a sinner and submit your humble confession to God. Family members can then go ahead to make personal requests to the Lord, after which intercessory takes place. Sharing of our needs draws us together as a family during intercession. A closing will then be made before dispersing, check it out!